ACS Junior Name Tag (Pri 1 Orientation)


* Name to be Printed On Tag (24 characters only):
* Quantity:
* Student's Full Name:
Student's Class in 2019:

The ACS Junior 2019 primary one name tags are black text on a white background.
This cohort will wear name tags in this colour combination throughout their time in primary school.
Please use your full name, including your given and family name.
Please abbreviate longer names to fit into the 24 character limit.

Name tags take 3-5 weeks to process.
2 delivery/pickup options:

1. Mailed to your preferred address ($3.50). Some restrictions apply.
2. Collect at Bibi&Baba retail shop (Free).

We offer a free nametag sewing service for 3 new shirts bought at Bibi&Baba.
Sewing services for additional shirts are charged at $1.00 per name tag.
Both the free and preferential sewing rates for shirts are exclusive to primary one students, and valid until 31 Dec 2018.

Please Select Top For Sewing